Warehouse Management
Warehouse Operations And Management
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Inventories can reach many millions of dollars. You need a good warehouse to store, keep and protect all those millions of dollars. In this course, we will discuss the best and the latest methods to store and protect high value inventories. We will also discuss the best characteristics of a modern warehouse. Knowing what you have and how much you have are the keys to proper warehousing management. We will explore the various methods to achieve record accuracy and successful cycle counting. A scientific method of auditing the warehouse will be applied.

Course Methodology

This course uses a mixture of interactive learning tools such as videos, questionnaires, case studies, team exercises, individual exercises and group discussions.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

·         Explain the challenges, objectives and functions of warehousing

·         Perform ABC inventory classification and cycle counting and calculate record accuracy and discrepancies

·         Identify the different types of storage and material handling systems

·         Improve supervisory skills and deal more effectively with warehouse staff issues

·         Develop better skills for housekeeping and safety within the warehouse

·         Measure warehouse productivity using the right KPIs and conduct a scientific audit of the warehouse

Target Audience

Those involved in warehousing (store) activities, both at the operational and supervisory levels. The course is also appropriate for anyone interested to know more about the interaction between warehousing and other materials management functions (purchasing, inventory control and distribution).

Target Competencies

·         Warehouse operations

·         Customer service

·         Record accuracy

·         Staff relations

·         Safety management

·         Warehouse auditing

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