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Project Management For Contract Professionals
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The overall aim of this course is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully manage a project executed by contractors throughout its life cycle from initial concept to delivery.

Participants in this interactive course will learn all the critical tools required to perform project plans and develop project budgets as well as techniques needed to communicate and manage contractors during the implementation phase.


Course Methodology

This course relies on the use of individual and group exercises aimed at helping participants learn all key contract management activities. The course also features the use of a number of case studies and presentations by participants followed by discussions. In addition, this course incorporates pre and post testing.


Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

·         Identify the major processes in project management in a related contract framework 

·         Outline the major activities, steps and tools needed to manage a contracting partner who is executing the project

·         Devise the contracting strategy for a project and recognize the main contractual provisions that can affect it

·         Develop detailed project plans to manage contracts and to deal with deviations effectively

·         State different types of contracts and their impacts on the relationship with the contractors

·         Describe the post award main processes including control techniques, change management, and contract administration

Target Audience

Personnel who are seeking in-depth knowledge at managing their contractual partners who are executing their projects. The course is designed to provide project management concepts and tools as well as contract provisions and conditions that will enable the collaboration with the contractors efficiently. Meirc is assigned as a Registered Educational Provider (REP) with the Project Management Institute (PMI®). This program is worth 30 PDUs.

Target Competencies

·         Project management

·         Contract management

·         Planning and scheduling

·         Understanding project budgeting

·         Understanding project control

·         Contract preparation

·         Contract administration

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