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Finance And Accounting For Office Administrators And Secretaries


This Finance and Budgeting training seminar provides an introduction to finance and accounting for those who have no prior knowledge of this business area. It is designed to train the participants to support operational and financial processes. Those attending this training course will gain a clear understanding of the essential terminology of finance and accounting. They will also learn the principles and techniques of accounting systems through practical examples and exercises.

The overall aim of this Finance & Accounting for Office Administrators & Secretaries programme is to ensure that those who attend will be able to perform their roles more effectively and efficiently within the workplace.

The highlights of this training course will be:

  • The Basic Principles of Accounting clearly explained
  • Knowledge and Confidence in Accounting for a range of business transactions will be developed by using straightforward worked examples
  • Simple but Effective Tools for Analysing your Business Performance and Position
  • Basic Management Accounting Principles that help to ensure your business is efficient and profitable
  • How and Why the Use of Budgets can help to achieve overall business targets and objectives?


At the end of this training seminar participants will:

  • Appreciate the importance of the accounting and finance function
  • Understand accounting for routine business transactions
  • Be able to prepare simple financial statements
  • Be able to analyse company performance using basic ratios
  • Be aware of costing and budgeting techniques to maintain efficiency and profitability

Training Methodology

This Finance & Accounting for Office Administrators & Secretaries training programme is highly interactive: in the very first session you will be working with case exercises and solving problems. You will be encouraged to make the link between the training room and your office and organisation.

This training programme will utilise a range of learning methodologies, including short presentations with opportunity for question and answer, exercises and mini cases to develop knowledge and skills, and group discussions where you can share your opinions and experiences with your fellow delegates.

Organisational Impact

As a result of attending this training seminar, your employees will:

  • Be able to make more effective contributions to workplace meetings and discussions
  • Have the knowledge and skills to assist their managers more effectively
  • Appreciate the importance of finance and accounting within their organisation
  • Be motivated to use their acquired skills and knowledge to add value to their role within the organisation
  • Understand and be able to interpret basic financial statements and reports
  • Be more willing to take ownership of financial responsibilities in their organisational role


Personal Impact

What will the employee gain from attending this training seminar? 

  • You will acquire skills and knowledge that will help your personal development within the organisation
  • You will improve your working role
  • You will become more aware of the major issues facing your business
  • It will enable you to further your professional skills.
  • It will enable you to liaise effectively with line managers and other departments
  • It will improve your status in the organisation as those around you realize and appreciate your knowledge and understanding

Who Should Attend?

This Finance & Accounting for Office Administrators & Secretaries training course is suitable for a wide range of non-financial employees within the organization. It is designed for those who contribute to, and use, all types of financial information within the organization. Examples are: 

  • Secretaries
  • Office Administrators
  • Personal Assistants and Executive Assistants
  • Administrative Professionals and Support Staff
  • Production and Marketing Professionals
  • Anyone wishing to increase or update their awareness and understanding of finance and accounting methods and terminology

Location & Date

23 - 25 Oct, 2023

12 - 14 Dec, 2023



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