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The aim of this training seminar is to develop understanding of Sustainable Business Strategy by exploring changing relationships between businesses, communities and the environment around the world.  The course aims to investigate the impact of sustainability on management practice through critical evaluation of corporate activity, drawing on a range of case study examples.  It aims to encourage sustainability thinking, challenging delegates to articulate creative ideas for how companies might align resource allocation with environmental and social responsibilities, building a positive climate for engaging people in organisations with sustainability issues.

This training seminar explores the meaning and role of Business Sustainability from a management perspective.  It will discuss the emergence of, and rationale for employee engagement, encouraging delegates to reflect on how sustainability challenges are affecting, and being affected by business activity.  The course will consider how management’s responsibility to shareholders for delivering financial returns might be balanced with meeting wider stakeholder expectations, highlighting mutual benefits to people, organisations and economies. The course will invite delegates to reflect on how sustainability policies might be integrated with business strategy and operations, and how this may link with competitiveness and brand integrity.


  • The sustainable vision
  • Sustainability in the business context
  • What is a sustainable strategy?
  • Sustainable operations
  • The pillars of social responsibility: people, profit and planet
  • Sustainable procurement and supplier management
  • Sustainable quality
  • Measurements of sustainability


  • Critically evaluate the meaning and role of Sustainable Business Strategy
  • Demonstrate innovative thinking for overcoming sustainability challenges from a management and organisational perspective
  • Examine the links between sustainability and corporate activity
  • Identify creative solutions to embed sustainability in different organisations
  • Analyse the role of sustainability in corporate strategy, organisational culture and operations


By sending delegates to this training seminar, the organisation will gain the following benefits:

  • Better decision-making and time / resource allocation - leading to improved long-term organisational performance
  • Introduction of sustainability into all levels of the organisation
  • Improved efficiency at strategic and operational levels
  • Lower levels of operating costs
  • Better relationships with suppliers
  • More effective programme and project implementation by managers


This course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Business leaders
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who wants to have a greater understanding of sustainable business strategy

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