Planning And Strategy Management


This  Strategy Masterclass training course is aimed at developing the knowledge and core competencies that experienced managers need in taking their part of their organisation to the next level of achievement.  It will demonstrate the process by which strategic management capability is developed.

This is a fast-paced training course that is based on leading-edge thinking and best practice in strategic management in the context of the development of international operations.

Features of the Course

  1. Understanding the major dynamics and trends of the global economy
  2. Learning how to deal with accelerating change and how to manage its impact
  3. Dealing with the increasing complexity of organisational structures
  4. Developing human resources for the new reality of 21st century business
  5. Securing balance and alignment of resources in implementing business plans.


By the end of this  training course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and evaluate main international economic indicators
  • Contribute to strategy formulation and strategic management in their organisation
  • Develop high-performing individuals and teams
  • Understand and introduce the new organisational forms and structures
  • Develop their teams to think strategically about their personal roles


In sending delegates to this  training seminar organisations will gain the following benefits:

  1. Better strategic decision-making by high potential managers
  2. Top executives having more confidence in decisions of its managers
  3. An improved approach to planning at strategic and operational levels
  4. Sharply focused views on change required for sustained success
  5. More effective programme and project control by managers
  6. Development of strategic thinking in all levels of the organisation


This Strategy Masterclass training course is appropriate for a wide range of delegates.  The main characteristics of delegates are as follows:

  • Proven career potential that now requires a high-level understanding of strategy
  • Significant top-level operational management experience in their organisations
  • Experienced specialists in corporate finance
  • Human resource managers who contribute to long-term staff development
  • Strong understanding of the basic principles of organisational design

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