Planning And Strategy Management

In today’s competitive environment, professional analysts who possess critical analytical thinking skills are a major asset for any organization. These skills involve deductive reasoning, drawing conclusions from given facts, and applying judgments to reach conclusions from a combination of evidence and assumptions. Participants in this course will learn fundamental thinking processes that can be used to analyze and solve a wide variety of business problems giving them a powerful career advantage.


Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:


Defend the value of research and analytics in a business environment

Apply strategic thinking to analyze their current business environment

Structure a problem and break it down into smaller independent issues

Create a work plan that prioritizes resources and focuses team efforts

Identify the right sources for data through research and expert interviews

Analyze and interpret complex data

Create and customize pivot tables to analyze data efficiently

Build structured arguments to communicate findings

Develop a structured story to present to leadership

Present findings to team members and senior leadership

Target Audience

New and advanced analysts and project managers who are involved in researching, analyzing and investigating business problems and issues related to their organization.


Target Competencies

Problem management

Problem solving ability

Analytical thinking

Conceptual thinking

Analysis of data

Using Pivot tables

Balanced decision making

Results orientation

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