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Having the correct vision or goal of an organisation is critical to ensure success.  But having an agile, strategic infrastructure, able to respond to a fast-paced world of national and global changes is even more important.  It has been highlighted through the COVID-19 Pandemic that many organisations have failed through this very simple fact.

This highly interactive training course on Agile Business Strategy and Organisational Development for Sustainable Growth will focus around the key areas required to ensure alignment of Business Strategy to Organisational Development (OD) Strategy to ensure on-going success of the organisation.  The course will look at the key business strategy models as well as learning from disruptive markets, aligning these principles with the capabilities and organisational development infrastructure, and Tactical Operation techniques to ensure continuity and alignment.  Achieving this will ensure seamless transitions, rapid and agile change strategies with quick implementation coupled with tactical effectiveness.  This is essential development at all levels of Leadership to ensure the smooth operation of agile business and organisational strategies to deal with the ‘new norm’.


At the end of this Training course, you will learn to:

  • Understand impact of business strategy on the organisational
  • Assess disruptive markets and impacts on organisational growth
  • Review lean processes and alternative organisational development methods
  • Ensure the organisation is fit for purpose through active organisational development strategies incorporating talent and succession planning
  • Develop and engage your Agile Team for success
  • Create and implement rapid, agile business and organisation strategies
  • Engage key stakeholders to maximise communicating plans and strategies


Organisations will maximize their benefit by

  1. Developing future leaders of organisational growth
  2. Having more agile thinking leaders
  3. Gaining more strategically OD focused personnel
  4. Creating pro-active strategies and tactical plans
  5. Forward thinking leaders


This highly interactive course on Agile Business Strategy and Organisational Development for Sustainable Growth is suitable to a wide range of strategy, business, and leadership professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Strategy and Business Directors
  • Business Leaders
  • Senior Managers involved in Business Development
  • Managers in the Business and Strategy functions

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