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This Advanced Strategic Management Programme will enable experienced managers and specialists to take their existing knowledge and skills in business strategy to a higher level and make a major contribution to the development of their teams and their organization in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive global business environment.

This  Advanced Strategic Management Programme considers the new challenges that we face in contemporary business. We need to develop ourselves and our people to deal with major changes in markets, competitive structures, technology, operational relationships and organisational structures. It is a fast-paced training course that offers the opportunity of improving strategic management capability based on introduction and application of leading-edge thinking and best practice in the development of national and international operations.

Features of Advanced Strategic management Programme

  1. Structural change in international business and its implications for strategic management
  2. Aligning strategy, structure, culture and operations
  3. Developing our teams for the new challenges of 21st century business
  4. Designing and resourcing strategic plans that can be executed effectively
  5. Managing the effective execution of strategic plans


At the end of this training seminar, The Advanced  Strategic Management Programme, delegates will leverage their experience and deepen their management and leadership skills in the following activities of strategic management:

  • Enhancing your personal contribution in meeting corporate objectives
  • Achieving leadership success in directing and focusing the work of your teams
  • Setting demanding and realistic strategic and operational goals and targets
  • Strengthening alignment of strategic and operational management
  • Improving and developing strategic thinking in the whole team


By sending delegates to this  training course, the organisation will gain the following benefits:

  1. Better decision-making leading to improved business performance
  2. Development and cascading of strategic thinking across the whole organisation
  3. More ambitious targeting and goal setting at all levels of the organisation
  4. Sharper focus and greater effectiveness in planning at strategic and operational levels
  5. Higher consistency in execution of strategic programmes and projects
  6. Creative and original ideas for strategic, operational and organisational development


This  training course, The advanced Strategic Management Programme, will be presented at an advanced level. Delegates will need to have had substantial senior management experience, including involvement in deciding the direction of their part of the organisation, if they are to understand and apply the material that is presented and thereby gain the full benefit from this  training course.  Delegate characteristics are as follows:

  • Proven career potential that now requires a high-level understanding of strategic management
  • Significant senior level operational management experience in their organisations
  • Experienced specialists in corporate finance
  • Human resource managers who contribute to long-term staff development
  • Specialists in supply chain design and logistic systems

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