Health And Safety
Developing An Effective Safety Culture


This highly-interactive training course will give you the skills and confidence to develop and sustain an effective safety culture that will enable your business to flourish. The course will provide delegates with a unique blend of proven management techniques and practical implementation to ensure a sustainable culture is achieved that will be a crucial aid to maximising business performance.

An effective safety culture is widely accepted as being the essential component of an organisation’s safety management system. Culture is to an organisation as personality is to an individual in that each individual has one and each organisation has one. A culture, just like a personality, is unique to each organisation however a culture can either be supportive and stimulating or, if not carefully developed, highly debilitating and destructive.

This course will provide you with the all the necessary tools to create your own unique and effective safety culture that will empower your workforce.

This course will highlight:

§  The impact of an effective safety culture on achieving good safety management

§  How to establish a safety culture and identify behavioural change improvement opportunities

§  How to assess the safety culture of an organisation and the use of the HSE cultural change model

§  The importance of human factors and the work of Taylor, Herzberg, McGregor and Maslow

§  The business benefits of sustaining an effective safety culture


At the end of this course, participants will:

§  Develop a clear understanding of human factors and their importance in developing an effective safety culture

§  Appreciate the elements of safety management systems and their purpose

§  Understand the consequences of behavioural acts and omissions as prime causes of accidents and adverse events

§  Understand how to develop a step-by-step safety cultural improvement programme within your own organisation

§  Develop skills for identifying, evaluating and implementing cost effective solutions for influencing behavioural change.

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