Health And Safety
Advanced Health And Safety Management


Safety Management has come under considerable scrutiny in the light of recent disasters. However the concept of Safety Management Systems is usually limited to the systematic approach and not to the holistic (all aspect) approach. Safety Management must encompass both the hard and soft aspects of safety to produce an exceptional outcome.

Health and Safety has to be managed with the same degree of expertise and to the same standards as other core business activities because of the high cost of failures; Legislation requiring employers to assess and manage risks; Public opinion on risk acceptability moving against poorly managed organisations which impose excessive risks and high profile disasters which fuel public opinion.

This course will cover:

§  Legislation

§  ‘Successful Health and Safety Management’ (HSG 65)

§  COSHH and Hazard Communications

§  Risk assessments & HAZOP studies

Course Objectives

§  Understand the Legislation in Europe and the United States for High Hazard Industries

§  How Safety Culture is involved in a SMS

§  The effect of Behavioural safety on safety culture

§  Work Permit Systems & LO / TO

§  Risk perception and HAZOP studies

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