Accounting & Finance
Spreadsheet Skills For Planning,Forecasting And Budgeting

This hands-on, practical course will demonstrate how you can develop spreadsheet models to create a forecast, which can then be utilised to generate business plans and operating budgets with the use Excel® as it is used in practice. The applications will be focused on three crucial aspects of business and financial management - strategic planning, intelligent forecasting and realistic budgeting. Delegates will learn how accessible the power of Excel® is to provide realistic forecasts and prepare flexible budgets. The impact on efficiency in planning and control and therefore return on investment for companies and/or divisions will be startling.

This course will feature:

·         Mastery of the power of Excel®

·         What functions to use from the Excel toolkit

·         Principles of strategic planning and budgeting

·         Mathematical forecasting models will be demystified

·         Building financial models enabling "what if" analysis

Course Objectives

·         Navigate through the features and functions of Excel®

·         Distinguish between data and output in spreadsheet architecture

·         Analyse financial statements in order to plan ahead

·         Build effective financial planning models

·         Use forecasting techniques for budget preparation

Location & Date

19 - 21 Dec, 2023



Course Outline

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