Accounting & Finance
Integrating Budgeting, Forecasting And Buisness Planning

This course will provide not only the theoretical background but also the necessary skills to build world class standards into your planning, budgeting, performance measurement and reporting system. The course will concentrate on imparting to delegates how to learn the concepts, processes, and techniques of budgeting and business planning in order to be better able to carry out their budgeting and business planning tasks and responsibilities.

By combining techniques analysis, problems and examples with real case studies the course provides delegates with key cost awareness and budgetary skills, which is essential in managing and controlling processes/projects in times of increasing global competition where the budgets are inextricably linked with both strategy formulation and cost analysis.

This course will feature:

·         Budgets and Strategy in Today’s International Environment

·         The Business Plan and Budget Development

·         Analysing the Applicability of Historical Data Using Excel

·         Using Activity-Based Budgeting and Cost Analysis Techniques

·         Capital Budgeting and Project Appraisal


·         Build an integrated planning, budgeting and reporting process

·         Understand costs behaviour more accurately

·         Deliver more timely and useful information to decision makers

·         Improve you the budgeting/financial skills required for better decision-making

·         Appreciate the need to link projects within budgets

Location & Date

25 - 27 Jun, 2024

06 - 08 Aug, 2024

22 - 24 Oct, 2024



Course Outline

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