Accounting & Finance
Effective Finance And Accounting Operations: 2021 Best Practices And Updates

Why Attend

Stop what you are doing, take a step back, and look at how you perform your work. You will probably agree that things are currently effective, but could be more efficient. This course will provide you with the tools and techniques necessary to enhance all the building blocks of accounting and finance. From accounts payable and cash management to budgeting and financial statements, we will show you best practices in tools and techniques that will make your job easier and help you deliver more value. The course will also cover behavioral concepts related to the day-to-day accounting and finance operations.


Course Methodology

This course uses a mix of exercises, workshops, group case studies, and presentations. Additionally, some time will be devoted to learning practical tools in Excel for reporting, analysis and reconciliation. Conceptual ideas, rules, and best practices will also be discussed in accounting, finance, budgeting and general reporting.


Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • ·       Identify the main elements of a vision for finance and accounting
  • ·       Evaluate and improve accounts payable process
  • ·       List the key best practices in receivables, inventory and cash management
  • ·       Assess the budgeting process in their organizations and recommend improvements
  • ·       Apply MS Excel reporting and analysis techniques for a faster accounting and finance operations
  • ·       Develop an enhanced understanding of the behavioral concepts related to the day-to-day finance and accounting operations

Target Audience

Professionals in the field of finance and accounting, managers, supervisors, and finance professionals who desire to understand, apply and implement practical tools to enable them to run the finance and accounting departments more efficiently.


Target Competencies

  • ·       Analytical skills
  • ·       Accounts payable management
  • ·       Accounting and managing accounts receivables and inventory
  • ·       Preparing financial statements
  • ·       Budgeting
  • ·       Excel reporting and analysis

Location & Date

16 - 19 Jul, 2024

07 - 10 Oct, 2024

09 - 12 Dec, 2024



Course Outline

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