Accounting & Finance
Budgeting, Planning And Management Reporting

Budgeting lies at the heart of business management, yet businesses often encounter financial difficulties as a result of either inadequate planning or errors within the compilation of the budgets.

This programme takes a practical approach to financial planning for the organisation and considers the following:

·         The planning process and how to improve it

·         The compilation of budgets – who needs to be involved and why;

·         How to identify potential problems arising and suggests actions which can be taken

·         Ways of improving financial control using effective management reporting


·         Implement advanced planning and control techniques into your budgeting process

·         Integrate the budgeting process with the development of the company’s long-term strategic vision

·         Successfully build an integrated planning, budgeting and reporting process

·         Apply management tools to the budgeting process that contribute to strategic goals

·         Identify key performance indicators for effective and focused decision making

·         Increase profitability and performance through stream lined planning and reporting

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