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IntroductionAdvanced Excel is for people who already can create moderately complex spreadsheets and still want to add more sophistication and automation.

This course will equip participants with relevant tools and functions in MS Excel for the development of automated systems to replace certain manual and repetitive processes.
Learning Objectives
By the end of this course participants will be able to:
•    Use outlines, range names, databases and the data form
•    Use AutoFilter & advanced filters
•    Work with Data Series
•    Use advanced functions
•    Modify charts 
•    Use Scenarios & Goal Seek
•    Use templates, data tables & solve problems
•    Use automatic formatting & styles
•    Work with views, consolidate worksheets
•    Create & revise PivotTables
•    Use, record & edit macros 

Participants should already be using Excel on a regular basis. Alternatively, they must have a good knowledge of Excel introduction topics.

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