Accounting & Finance
Accounts Receivable And Credit Policies Management
Why Attend

A sizable share of a company's working capital is tied up in accounts receivable and this poses a high liquidity risk. In this course, we expand your knowledge and expertise in Accounts Receivable (AR). This will enable you and your organization to manage your accounts receivable effectively and without compromising your credit sales.


This course demonstrates theoretical and practical core topics in addition to introducing Excel in managing accounts receivable. The course also features role-playing and presentations by participants.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

·         Develop effective credit policies that meet company’s objectives

·         Use billing best practices techniques

·         Employ effective collection policies

·         Partner with the sales force for the benefit of the company

·         Evaluate the accounts receivable process and implement best practices

·         Apply tools and techniques to effectively monitor AR performance


Target Audience

Accounts receivable department managers, credit managers, AR staff, AR and revenue accountants, credit officers, billing and collection clerks, AR specialists, and professionals in accounting, finance, operations and sales who interact with the accounts receivable and credit department.


Target Competencies

·         Management of accounts receivable effectively

·         Understand the implications of credit decision and policy

·         Perform accounts receivable analysis

·         Analyze different collection techniques

·         Adapt efficient billing techniques

·         Prepare accounts receivable aging report

·         Monetize accounts receivable

·         Utilize Excel functions



Location & Date

22 - 24 Apr, 2024

21 - 23 May, 2024

08 - 10 Jul, 2024

09 - 11 Sep, 2024

06 - 08 Nov, 2024

17 - 19 Dec, 2024



Course Outline

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