3 Simple Steps To Become Indispensable

3 Simple Steps To Become Indispensable

Just like the basic way it works in capitalism, you put on the table something valuable for you to get out something valuable for yourself. We believe that every positive person wants to be identified as being unique and valuable at their workplace, family setting or other social engagements as a result of their input.

But to attain such reputation of being a ‘most wanted’ you must display traits of a ‘most wanted’ person. A most wanted person is one who does (or had done) something most people didn’t or can’t do, which made them become of a rare kind and sensational.

By being ‘most wanted’, we mean it in the positive light.

To be so good that you can’t be ignored in your space of engagement, you must be willing to put in the work that develops such attraction. You must push beyond the conventional lines, break bonds and go the extra mile.

Here are some of the steps to take;


You must never relax at the accepted level or demand of qualification. You must do the extra to become extra ordinary, and when you become the extra ordinary then you will stand out from the rest as being rare and valuable.

You must keep to learning to upgrade your skill set and bring more value to table. We live in a world of revolutionary trend across industrial practices and economic operation, your ability to navigate through changes and retain relevance is deeply dependent on your constant learning and updating your skill set.

Competence is relative to time because the challenges of today do not require the solutions of yesterday, so to be invaluable you must not relent in your learning and development so as to be able to combat today’s demands and become creative enough to secure the near future.

No one goes to yesterday’s newspaper to get today’s news, so to be relevant today you must upgrade your competence by acquainting yourself with the relevant and recent tools, practices and systems of operation.

Apart from learning, you must practice to improve your competence. Skill is beyond mental retention of learning, it involves intentional application of learning in order to attain competence and expertise. So added to constant learning is constant practice or consistent action to improve and gain in-depth capacity at this regards.



 “When dealing with people, remember that you are not dealing with creatures of logic but with creatures of emotion.” Dale Carnegie.

 “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Theodore Roosevelt.

As humans we can never ignore the place of attitude as a vital touch in our relationship with others. Despite competence, without character, there’s barely much success one can have working with others, talk more of being invaluable.

Whether in a corporate setting or social standing, our ability to posses good relational skills and effective character is a huge plus. This implies upgrading your emotional intelligence even as leader, friend, colleague or family member.

Character is a major pointer to the kind of legacy we leave behind or recommendation people give about us. To remain relevant we must add great character to our amazing competence because attitude, as some would say, is everything.

Show empathy, display optimism irrespective of situation, listen to understand not reply, disagree politely, don’t pull others so as to rise or capitalize on their undoing to tarnish their image, and be open to criticism or alternative opinions.



Whosoever is always willing to take up responsibilities or tough challenges is usually differentiated from the rest. The willingness to go beyond the outlined demands or volunteer to do the tough tasks stands you out because many people shy away from such, and in the process you get to develop better skills and superior stance.

Taking on challenging projects will force you to learn skills that few people have and thereby make you almost indispensable to your team, organization or society. To increase in capacity and relevance, you must stretch yourself beyond your current state or ability; you must exit the communal comfort zone.

You can’t be rare and valuable when all about you is obtainable in many others.

Another thing about taking up challenges is that as you develop and win at it, people begin to trust and rely on your, thereby informally making you their leader in that regards. You become the go-to man; you become more valuable; you become almost indispensable.

To stand out, engage what others shy away from.


With these steps in place, you are in to be the superman in your space.

Osita Jed Elebe
A content developer, graphics designer who utilizes the skill of communication to help young individuals and organizations unleash their uniqueness, and find deeper meaning in serving humanity.
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